Are you mobile marketing ready?

Mobile devices and the trend of mobility is greatly altering the way we communicate, our use of mobile devices has surpassed our use of desktops and laptops.

Mobile Marketing, mobile devices, website responsive,marketing in NelsonSo it’s no surprise that when conducting social media training, we are often showing our clients how to download and manage their social media on their smartphones and tablets.

It makes sense when you are business that you grasp the mobility trend as it is your customers and prospects who are wandering around with smart phones and tablets.

We are finding that not everyone is tech savvy or have the time to find out how to run their social media marketing on their mobile devices, that’s where we are happy to assist you with the necessary tips and tools to get you started and leave you confident in using them on a daily basis.

If you are serious about improving your mobile marketing, it is worth checking that your website is responsive so that it can be accessed on tablets, smartphones, and other platforms.

If your current website isn’t responsive on mobile devices, it is well worth considering talking to your web provider on how he or she can upgrade this for you.  Or if your website is just too dated, and you are considering a new platform, please feel free to talk to us and see how we can assist, all the websites The Marketing Studio build are responsive on mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing is becoming one of the largest, most important emerging channels in a brand’s digital marketing mix and requires a unique approach. Targeting and engaging mobile consumers requires diligence and an ongoing commitment, mobile impacts all of your marketing channels, it includes search advertising, social advertising, email and more.

There are still some highly effective and cost-effective ways you can market your business directly to your customers through their mobiles, here are 4 ideas to get you started:

  1. Having a mobile optimised or responsive design website
  2. SMS text messaging or mobile messaging marketing
  3. An effective social media strategy
  4. Industry specific apps and directories

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Want to know how Mobile Marketing can be part of your digital marketing mix? Talk to us about how we can assist you with an online strategy.

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